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1973 Kinsmen Pee Wee Baseball


SPORT | Baseball
LEVEL | MinorPee Wee

Front Row: Bill Herman, Jeff Boismier, Scott Reaume, Mark Gilhula, Kevin Skov, Paul Arrowsmith, Dave Bishop, Paul Hrach, Dwayne Elgie Middle Row: Jeff Gilbert, Bill Flavell, Mark Cleeve, Wayne Gretzky, Todd Lansens, Paul Petcoff, Len Price, Greg Gallagher, John Sojcynski Back Row: Stan Karnas (coach), Brian Ritchie (coach), Don Craven (manager) Absent: Larry Downs

In the summer of 1973, the Canadian Baseball Federation held its national championship in North Battleford, Saskatchewan and invited each province to select a representative to try to qualify for the tournament. The Ontario Qualifying Tournament was held in Niagara Falls on July 6-8. Chatham Kinsmen Pee Wees won 4 straight games to win the tournament and earn the right to represent Ontario against Quebec for the Central Canada Championship.

Chatham met an all star team from Quebec in a 2 out of 3 playoff on August 11-12 in the Burlington area. After Quebec won the first game 6-5 by scoring 4 runs in the last inning after 2 were out, Chatham won the next 2 games by scores of 4-1 and 7-5. As Central Canada Champs, they were off to North Battleford.

Most teams at the national tournament were all star teams from the various provinces, however, Chatham was still a local team bolstered by 4 out-of-town players. In the 5 games played, Chatham won them all, scoring 81 runs while giving up only 11. After beating Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and North Battleford, Chatham beat Sydney, Nova Scotia 8-0 to become Canadian Champions, the only Chatham Minor Baseball Association team ever to accomplish such a feat.

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