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Babcock, Courtney


SPORT | Track & Field

EVENTS | Distance Running


(1973 – )

Courtney was born in Chatham and competed in virtually all sports while growing up. She attended Chatham Collegiate Institute (CCI) for three years where she competed in volleyball, basketball and track.

She went to Bishop Strachan School in Toronto for two years where she competed in basketball and swimming, placing 4th in the 1500 at Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA). In grade 13 she joined the University of Toronto Track Club and won the 1500m race at the Toronto High School Track & Field Meet and was ranked 1st going into OFSAA. Unfortunately she got hurt and could not compete.

1991 to 1996, Courtney was on a full track scholarship at the University of Michigan, where she was an eight-time All-American, once in cross country and seven times in track. She ran anchor leg for 1994 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Champion Distance Medley Relay team, helped Michigan win three Big Ten Championships and three Regional Championships, and her personal bests were 3rd in 3000m (1994) and 3rd in 5000m (1996).

As of 2014, Courtney still held Canadian records in 5000m set in 2003 at World Championships in Paris, France (14:54) and 10,000m set in 2003 at OWSR in Palo Alto, California (31:44).

Career Highlights


Participated in Francophone Games in Paris, placing 3rd in 3000m


Participated in the Francophone Games in Madagascar


Placed 3rd on 10K leg of Chiba Ekiden in Japan

2000 - 2009

Competed in eight Canadian Championships and represented Canada internationally, including two World Championships and one Olympics


Canadian Championships/Olympic Trials, Victoria, BC, 2nd in 5000m in 15:34 and 1st in cross country


Canadian Championships, Edmonton, AB: 1st in 5000m in 16:07 – IAAF World Championships, Edmonton, AB: 28th in 5000m in 15:46 – Eugene Twilight Meet in Eugene, Oregon: 2nd in 5000m in 15:29


Canadian Championships, Burnaby, BC: 1st in 10000m in 32:14 – Canadian Championships, Edmonton, AB: 1st in 5000m in 16:37 – Commonwealth Games, Manchester, England: 8th in 5000m in 15:42 – World Cup, Madrid, Spain: 7th in 3000m in 9:05 – DN Galan Grand Prix, Stockholm, Sweden: 3rd in 5000m in 15:07 – the highest finish in all her Grand Prix meets


IAAF World Championships, Paris, France: 8th in 5000m in 14:54, setting a Canadian record – OWSR 10000m, Palo Alto, California: 5th in 10000m in 31:44, setting a Canadian record – Canadian Championships, Victoria, BC: 2nd in 5000m in 15:38 –Canadian Championships in Burnaby, BC: 1st in 10000m in 33:36 and 3rd in 1500m


After graduation, trained with the Mountain West Track Club in Missoula, Montana, and competed in 1500, 3000 and 5000 metre races at various meets – Canadian Championships, Victoria, BC: 3rd in 5000m in 15:46 and 4th in 1500m in 4:13 – Olympic Games, Athens, Greece: 26th in 1500m in 4:08 and 29th in 5000m in 15:47 – Inducted into the University of Michigan Women’s Track & Field Hall of Fame


Canadian Championships, Winnipeg, MB – 6th in 1500m in 4:21


Commonwealth Games, Melbourne, Australia: 7th in 5000m in 15:44 – Millrose Games, New York City: 2nd in 1500m in 4:36


Canadian Championships, Windsor, ON: 10th in 1500m in 4:27


Canadian Championships, Toronto, ON: 5th in 1500m in 4:18 – Festival of Excellence, Toronto, ON: 7th in mile in 4:42 – Tyson Invitational, Fayetteville, Arkansas: 6th in mile in 4:35 – Reebok Boston Indoor Games: 4th in 3000m in 9:03 – Millrose Games in New York City: 6th in mile in 4:39

Courtney continues to participate in recreational and fun runs, recently winning the 1500m race at the World Masters Games.

Courtney resides in Missoula, Montana, with her husband, Miles, and their two children.

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