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Outstanding Achievement

In addition to the 4 elected inductees, the Board of Directors may select up to 2 “Directors’ Choice” inductees each year:

1. The Board of Directors recognizes that the nominee/team who competed a long time ago or competed in a relatively low-profile sport are at a disadvantage when it comes to the election process.

Directors’ Choice inductees would be selected under the following conditions:

        a) they must meet our minimum qualifications for consideration for induction,


        b) they must have gone through the normal nomination process, and

        c) they must have appeared on the ballot at least once.

2. The Board of Directors also recognizes that some individuals/teams have had outstanding careers and should receive automatic induction into the Hall.

When reviewing new nominations using the Evaluation Guidelines, if all Nomination Committee members:


         a) score the nominated individual with 40 points or higher or

         b) score the nominated team with 35 points or higher,

The nominee/team would be recommended to the Board as a Directors’ Choice for Outstanding Achievement and would not need to go through the voting process.


3. In both cases, these individuals or teams will be inducted along with the elected inductees and will enjoy all the rights and privileges of the other Honoured Members/Teams.

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